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Do you have questions about how our VoIP services work? Are you interested in signing up for our cheap VoIP service but want to understand how it works before you do it? As a dedicated VoIP service provider, iVoipe is prepared to answer all of your questions. For decades, people have relied on standard landlines to help them communicate with business associates and loved ones, but now that the Internet has us so connected, you are able to make VoIP international calls for a fraction of what you might pay for a standard service.

Take a look at our frequently asked questions and you will see why we are the VoIP service provider for you. Not only does iVoipe offer cheap VoIP service, we give you the opportunity to make calls the old fashioned way using new technology. Come to us when you need to make VoIP international calls today!

  • How does Broadband Telephony works ?
  • Broadband telephony service uses advanced new technology to convert your voice into data that enables you to place and receive calls over your broadband connection. One interesting aspect of the technology is that, for the user, no large scale infrastructure is required. It\'s all about combining the functionality of the Internet and a conventional phone into one single service with minimal software and hardware support.
  • What is Broadband Telephony ?
  • Broadband Telephony (BBT) works just like an ordinary telephone with the only difference being that with BBT your telephone work via your broadband internet connection instead of the conventional telephone network. BBT also offers you the benefit of making cheap international calls with high quality and has more features than most traditional phone service offerings.
  • Is Internet access included with broadband telephone service?
  • No, Internet access and broadband telephony service are two separate things. Please check with your ISP for internet access
  • What do I need to start using broadband telephony?
  • Purchase a plan from iVoipe website, use one of the Voip products mentioned in the website and start making calls.
  • Will broadband telephone service work anywhere?
  • Broadband telephony service will work anywhere in the world where there is high speed Internet access, even in the remotest parts of the world via satellite connections.
  • Can I keep my broadband telephone service if I travel abroad?
  • Yes, in most of the cases you can keep your service and your phone number when you travel, domestically or abroad. All your calls will be treated the same way as if the calls were made home. For example, if you travel from Kuwait to London, you can take your service with you, plug into high speed Internet there, and make and receive calls as if you were still in Kuwait
  • What is on-net calling ?
  • Is a telephone call made by an iVoipe subscriber to another iVoipe subscriber over the internet. The subscribers can call each other using the 7 digits BBT number.
  • What is off-net calling ?
  • Is a telephone call made by an iVoipe subscriber to a Mobile or PSTN network any where in the world (International calls).
  • How do I make international calls ?
  • You can direct dial international numbers by dialing 00 + Country code + Phone number.
  • Will I be given a phone number ?
  • Yes, we provide phone numbers to our subscribers and itís as follows: 1- BBT number given for free to be used for incoming calls from other iVoipe subscribers (On-net calls). 2- Virtual Phone Numbers ( DDIs ) to be used for incoming calls from PTSN or Mobile networks worldwide and these numbers are from about 65 Countries.
  • What is a DDI number ?
  • A DDI number (also referred to as a virtual phone number) is a local telephone number that can be forwarded to voice over ip. When you purchase a DDI number from iVoipe, all incoming calls to this number will be forwarded to your voip device ( PC dialer, Mobile Dialer, SIP ATA, etc..).
  • Why would I use a DDI number ?
  • With iVoipe DDI servive, you are no longer tied to a phone number from your area code. You can choose any international DDI number located across the world. For example: You live in Kuwait and your family or business partners live in London.You can get a virtual phone number from London and your family or business partners can call you on your London virtual number and you receive the calls via internet to your Voip device in Kuwait.
  • From which Countries can you provide DDIs ?
  • We provide these numbers in more than 65 Countries, you can check list of Countries in the following link:
  • How much does a DDI cost ?
  • We provide DDIs on a fixed monthly fee basis starting from 4 USD a month in addition to a setup fee. You will have specific amount of free minutes per month, after that you need to pay per minute fee.
  • Can I pick a number that I want ?
  • Yes, after you choose the Country and local area, you can select your number from a list of available numbers.
  • Can I forward calls from a DDI to a Landline or Mobile number in any Country in the world ?
  • Yes, this function allows you to receive calls to your DDI number on a landline or Mobile phones. No internet, PC or voip device are required.You can always login to your account and change the call forwading number. Note that the number must be entered in Country code + City code + number format.
  • How do you charge call forwarding fee ?
  • When you buy DDI number, and want it to be ring to a Landline or Mobile number, you have to pay for termination fee. The termination fees are charged per minute basis accroding to the prices listed in the below link:
  • Can I use voicemail with the DDI number ?
  • Yes you can also use your DDI number with our free voicemail feature. You can record your own greeting and receive calls as voicemail and voicemail to e-mail also. All other features like caller ID, Do not disturb, call rejection and more are also free with a virtual phone number.
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