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Virtual Phone Numbers

Answer your calls anywhere in the world!

Virtual Phone Number enables you to receive calls from regular and mobile phones wherever you are connected to internet using iVoipe's low rate VoIP services. We provide these numbers in 65+ Countries, allowing people in these countries to make VoIP international calls for the price of a local call. All you have to do is sign up for the cheapest VoIP service from our business and you are set!


For example, if you live in India and you choose a number in London, someone in London will be able to call your local London number and reach you in India for the price of a local call. We are currently living in a new age of communication technology, so don't be disconnected by not signing up for VoIP international calls. iVoipe offers the cheapest VoIP service, giving you the opportunity to stay connected. Sign up for our low rate VoIP service today and get a virtual phone number.


Choose your Number From The Below Country List Renew your DDI
Country Code Country Code
Canada 1 Puerto Rico 1
Turks and Caicos Islands 1 USA 1
Anguilla 1 Dominican Republic 1
Dominica Islands 1 Russia 7
Kazakhstan 7 Egypt 20
South Africa 27 Greece 30
Netherlands 31 Belgium 32
France 33 Spain 34
Hungary 36 Italy 39
Romania 40 Switzerland 41
Austria 43 United Kingdom 44
Denmark 45 Sweden 46
Norway 47 Poland 48
Germany 49 Peru 51
Mexico 52 Argentina 54
Brazil 55 Chile 56
Colombia 57 Venezuela 58
Malaysia 60 Australia 61
Indonesia 62 Philippines 63
New Zealand 64 Singapore 65
Japan 81 South Korea 82
China 86 Turkey 90
Pakistan 92 Iran 98
Morocco 212 Cote DIvoire 225
Benin 229 Liberia 231
Ghana 233 Nigeria 234
Angola 244 Seychelles Island 248
Kenya 254 Uganda 256
Namibia 264 Luxembourg 352
Ireland 353 Iceland 354
Malta 356 Cyprus 357
Finland 358 Bulgaria 359
Lithuania 370 Latvia 371
Estonia 372 Armenia 374
Andorra 376 Ukraine 380
Slovenia 386 Czech Republic 420
Guatemala 502 El Salvador 503
Costa Rica 506 Panama 507
Hong Kong 852 Iraq 964
Kuwait 965 Saudi Arabia 966
Israel 972 Bahrain 973
Tajikistan 992
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