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Web Phone

Get connected to the world with one click. There is no need for software or hardware installation. iVoipe, your VoIP service provider, provides an integrated web phone for immediate service usage. Login to the web self-care, click on the launch webphone, and start enjoying free calls.


Mobile Soft Phone

By downloading our mobile dialer (sip) client to SIP enabled mobile phones, you can use your mobile to make VoIP calls whenever you are connected to a 3G, GPRS, or a WiFi hot spot. Our mobile dialer programs are available for a wide array of phones.


PC Soft Phone

PC Softphones are applications running on desktop, laptop or pocket PC devices. Help transition from a traditional hard phone environment into the world of making VoIP international calls. One of the recommended softphones is the X-Lite, the market's leading free SIP based softphone available for free download.


Analog Telephone Adapter

Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA) are SIP gateways that allow placing and receiving VoIP international calls using analog devices such as regular headphones, cordless phones, or fax machines. We recommended the following products: Linksys PAP2T, Linksys Sipura SPA2000 , Cisco ATA 186 and more.  


IP Phone 

IP Phones integrate VoIP technology into a regular-like telephone handset eliminating any need for a desktop PC or other IT devices.



Wi-Fi Phone

A Wi-Fi phone uses wireless technology. There are designated areas in cafes and public areas known as hotspots where you can use a Wi-Fi phone. Providing there are no obstructions and depending on the amount of people using the hotspot. As long as you are within range of a hotspot, your office can be wherever you are.


USB Phone 

USB phone is easy-to-use device with LCD display.
Like a mobile phone in style, Simply plugging it into the USB port of your PC or laptop, makes you initiate and receive internet calls using either the web phone or soft phone.



If you are using an IP-PBX at your office you can redirect your international calls to your VoIP service provider by registering the SIP trunks to iVoipe SIP server.


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