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International Rates

Are you seeking VoIP international calling plans at the cheapest VoIP rates available? iVoipe is proud to provide you with information about our cheap VoIP services. As you can see here, all you have to do is find the country or countries you are trying to reach on our list here and you’ll have clear information about how much you'll have to spend on your phone calls. Whether you are trying to stay in touch with family and friends in another country or are doing business with other countries, we are here to help you make the calls you need.

Everyone who has ever had to make multiple international calls has dealt with a variety of frustrations. iVoipe has worked hard to provide you with the cheapest VoIP rates available, as well as services that are dependable! Take a look at the many VoIP international calling plans featured here and choose the right plan for your needs. We are confident that you'll be happy with our dependable and cheap VoIP services.

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Country Rate
Falkland Islands $ 5
Faroe Islands $ 0.096
Faroe Islands-Mobile $ 0.204
Fiji $ 0.209
Fiji-Mobile $ 0.209
Fiji-Mobile Digicel $ 0.209
Fiji-Mobile Vodafone $ 0.209
Finland $ 0.07
Finland-Helsinki $ 0.07
Finland-Mobile $ 0.095
Finland-Mobile AALAND $ 0.095
Finland-Mobile Elisa $ 0.095
Finland-Mobile Finnet $ 0.095
Finland-Mobile Saunalahti $ 0.095
Finland-Mobile Sonera $ 0.095
Finland-NonGeographic $ 0.07
France $ 0.012
France-Mobile $ 0.065
France-Mobile Bouygues $ 0.065
France-Mobile Free $ 0.065
France-Mobile Globalstar $ 0.28
France-Mobile Orange $ 0.065
France-Mobile SFR $ 0.065
France-Paris $ 0.012
France-Special Services $ 0.65
French Guiana $ 0.045
French Guiana-Mobile $ 0.185
French Polynesia $ 0.255
French Polynesia-Mobile $ 0.295

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